Foundations at TUM

An adorned clock in a lecture hall
Detail of a lecture hall at the Thiersch building at TUM campus. (Image: Albert Scharger/TUM)

There are several foundations and charitable funds that sponsor the work of Technische Universität München in different directions, especially from the point of view of research, teaching and courses. The goals and promotional purposes are listed in the bylaws of the Foundation and are monitored by the relevant foundation committees:

I. Foundations without legal capacity

  • Anneliese Pfannenberg-Stiftung
  • Betty-Kohout-Fonds
  • Dr. Gertrude Krombholz-Stiftung
  • Ernst-Albrecht Günthert-Stiftung
  • Fleischmannfonds
  • Fritz und Lotte Schmidtler-Stiftung
  • Georg-Konrad-Vogel-Sondervermögen
  • Held & Francke Fonds
  • Joseph und Sonja Ströbl-Stiftung
  • Karoline-Steinhart-Fonds
  • Leonhard Moll-Stiftung
  • Nicolaus-Fonds
  • Peter Pribilla-Stiftung

II. Public foundations with legal capacity under public law

for the promotion of research, tuition and/or studies at TUM

  • Carl von Linde-Stiftung
  • Dr.-Ing. Leonhard Lorenz-Stiftung
  • Franz-Berberich-Stiftung
  • Johannes B. Ortner-Stiftung
  • Loschge-Studienstiftung
  • Stipendienstiftung der Technischen Hochschule München
  • Weihenstephaner Jubiläumsstiftung 1905

III. Foundations of special relevance to TUM

  • Friedrich Schiedel-Stiftung (founded by TUM Senator Friedrich Schiedel, 1913-2001)
  • Margarete Ammon-Stiftung (founded by TUM Senator Margarete Ammon, born in 1922)
  • Nagelschneider-Stiftung