TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann at the roof terrace of Vorhoelzer Forum at the main campus.
TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann: 'Every contribution counts and is appreciated.' (Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM)

The Fundraising of TUM

Dear Friends and Sponsors of our Alma Mater,

There are many reasons why the commitment of private donors and enterprises with a sense of responsibility is more important today than ever before. The future has new tasks in store for a technical university, which cannot be shouldered by state funds.

The human race will have to face up to some completely new assignments over the next few decades. There are still lots of challenges for which we have no solutions. These include the really big issues like energy, resources and health, for instance. We need to research the topics that affect the future and find ways and means for our steadily increasing global population to live together peaceably despite climate change and the growing scarcity of natural resources. We want to nurture talented young people who not only have the professional qualifications but also the sense of responsibility required to master the pressing matters. We are committed to the location of Germany - in a globalised world, research and education are more important than ever before.

In our lecture halls, research laboratories and company start-ups we are creating tomorrow's world. And you can play an active part in shaping this future. In your capacity as a sponsor, you are the driving force behind the modernisation of our university and can simultaneously share in our academic accomplishments. Every contribution counts and is very much appreciated.

With kind regards

Wolfgang A. Herrmann
President of the Technical University of Munich


TUM Fundraising Code of Conduct

Please download the TUM Fundraising Code of Conduct as PDF file (0,2 MB).