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Prof. Dr. Arnulf Melzer
Representative of the president for Fundraising
T. 08161/71-5347

Barbara Egerer
Office management of Prof. Melzer
T. 08161/71-5347

Dr. Sandra Bogdanovic
Delegate officer for Fundraising
Tel. 089/289-25582

Dr. Frank Frieß
Head of department
T. 089/289-25310

Carolin Ahrendt
Deputy head of department
T. 089/289-25314

Gabriele Dieckmann
Fundraising advisor
T. 089/289-25312

Sabine Tittel
Fundraising advisor
T. 089/289-25316

Amelie Lemke
Fundraising advisor
Tel. 089/289-25187

Kerstin Rieder
Fundraising advisor
T. 089/289-25319

Susanne Birkeneder
Advisor for the Germany Scholarship
T. 089/289-25466

Christoph Reitzle

Team assistance
T. 089/289-25315