Digital learning needs your support!

The global COVID-19 pandemic presents massive and unprecedented challenges for society in general and universities in particular. Naturally, our students and teaching staff are also affected, with conventional face-to-face lectures and examinations cancelled for the foreseeable future. These difficult times call for flexible leadership, creative and bold actions and financial solidarity.

Student with notebook and tablet.
Digital studies at TUM. (Picture: / freemixer)

In recent years, TUM has gained in-depth experience in digital teaching. Now, however, we are challenged to quickly and effectively extend this digitalization process to the entire university. Our lecturers and employees are displaying exemplary dedication and responsiveness in supporting our students with modern digital teaching tools, interactive lecture options and new electronic examination formats. All of which is helping to minimize disruption to studies and enable students to take examinations online.

TUM is investing heavily – both time and money – in expanding our digital offering. But a project of this incredible scale can only be realized with additional funding. So we are asking our TUM community with its wide circle of patrons to come together in a gesture of solidarity and enable us to provide swift support – without any red tape – to our 43,000 students looking to continue their studies through the summer semester.

Thankfully, most of our alumni did not have to experience a crisis such as this in their own time at TUM. Let us be grateful for the opportunities we had and support those currently studying at TUM: Future generations will thank us for it. All contributions – regardless of the amount – are a huge help and much appreciated.

Where will donations go?

  • Development and expansion of digital teaching and examination formats
  • Expansion of digital infrastructure (software, hardware)
  • Creation of video lectures and podcasts
  • Production of interactive, multimedia teaching modules
  • Additional staff (e.g. eScouts)

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