Economics and IT

Sponsor: BMW
Funding period: 2021-2027

The BMW Group will support future research on quantum computers and provide 5.1 million euros over the course of six years for the professorship, infrastructure and employees at TUM. The BMW Group and TUM are bridging the gap between excellent fundamental research in Germany and industrial applications. The endowed chair for Quantum Algorithms and Applications ("Quantenalgorithmen und -anwendungen") will conduct application-oriented research into specific issues and open questions in the field of quantum computing and establish a constant exchange of knowledge and findings between TUM and the BMW Group. Press release June 16, 2021

Sponsor: Dieter Schwarz Stiftung
Funding period: since 2020

The Heilbronn campus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is taking on a leading role in shaping the digital transformation: The Dieter Schwarz Stiftung is endowing 11 informatics professorships at TUM. Together with the professorships in economics funded since 2018, the new professors will engage in research and teaching at the interface of management and technology. The focus will be in information engineering – a key component in the digital transformation of companies. They will be fully funded by the foundation, including resources and infrastructure, for an initial period of 30 years. Nine of the chairs will be located at the TUM Campus Heilbronn and two others at TUM's Garching campus.

New digital technologies are opening up more and more ways for companies to capture, network and analyze information. Information engineering looks at the entire chain, from the sensor to the IT system through to the business model, and is thus an important building block in the digital transformation. The research will be linked via interdisciplinary cooperation to the management chairs at the campus that study how companies can shape the far-reaching and rapid technological transformation – one of the crucial questions for Germany's economic future. The focus will be on technology start-ups and family enterprises that shape the identity of the Heilbronn-Franconia region with many "hidden champions". Press release dated July 28, 2020

Sponsor: EQUA-Stiftung
Funding period: 2020-2026

At the interface between the economic sciences, sociology and psychology, the EQUA Foundation will provide a total of 3.8 million euros in funding, initially for six years, for interdisciplinary research on the sustainable, future-ready development of family-owned companies with their specific working culture. TUM and the EQUA Foundation expect the newly created professorship to generate new research that will be of practical use to family enterprises, their culture and the entrepreneurial families behind them. Under an interdisciplinary approach, methods from the management sciences will be combined with those of other disciplines such as sociology and psychology. Press release June 3, 2020

Sponsor: Dieter Schwarz Stiftung
Funding period: since 2018

The new building is intended for students preparing preparing for management careers in the engineering fields. The focus will be on the study of economic change through digitization, especially in family-owned companies and high-tech start-ups. The Dieter Schwarz Foundation has fully endowed 20 new TUM professorships, including 13 in Heilbronn, along with the necessary staff and infrastructure. Between the optimally equipped seminar rooms and offices, the open architecture provides students and researchers with communicative spaces for discussions and the exchange of ideas.

TUM will have around 3,000 square meters of working space at its disposal. With the new campus and the digital teaching and research methods offered there, TUM will explore entirely new approaches to management sciences. One such innovation is a virtual reality laboratory where researchers can experience realistic business situations, for example by studying the behavior of managers and learning best practices through simulations.

With the new campus and the digital teaching and research methods offered there, TUM will explore entirely new approaches to management sciences. One such innovation is a virtual reality laboratory where researchers can experience realistic business situations, for example by studying the behavior of managers and learning best practices through simulations.

Coursework in Heilbronn began in the 2018/19 winter semester with the start of two masters degree programs offered in English. Other programs (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, post-graduate MBAs, Ph.D. program) are in the planning stages.

Sponsor: Allianz SE
Funding period: since 2016
Technical University of Munich (TUM) is setting up an Endowed Professorship for large-scale data analytics and machine learning, which will focus on the automated analysis of very large amounts of data. Every day, enormous volumes of data are generated, covering everything from entries in medical databases through sensor readings to data from the Internet of Things. Analysts can identify patterns in this sea of digital information. And these patterns are increasingly being used for analyses and predictions in the worlds of science and business. The resulting insights will be used to help identify patterns and create forecasts to gain new insights. The professorship will be fully endowed by Allianz SE. Press release dated January 11, 2016

Sponsor: Deutsches Institut für Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet (DI.VSI)
Funding period:
The German Institute for Trust and Security on the Internet, a non-profit subsidiary of Deutsche Post AG, has endowed a Professorship for Cyber Trust at TUM. This new chair will have an interdisciplinary research approach, holistically analyzing the risks and opportunities of the Web in order to develop a comprehensive risk management system. The endowed chair will complement the research of Professor Claudia Eckert’s existing Chair for IT Security.

Sponsor: Capgemini sd&m
Funding period: 2009-2013
Capgemini sd&m and TU München have agreed to set up a new Endowed Chair for Software Engineering within the Faculty of Computer Science. The software and computer consultancy hopes that this professorship will make a fundamental, innovative contribution towards research and tuition. The work of the new Chair will focus mainly on conveying the know-how required for executing scattered software engineering, coupled with practising the skills needed for handling the tools and techniques for their implementation. Alongside software and system engineering projects, key topics include best practice in organizing the evolution of existing projects bearing not only the aspects of capacity and costs but also the entire lift-cycle of the project in mind.

Sponsor: Honorary Senator Dr. h.c. Theo Schöller (1917-2004)
Funding period: 2004-2009
By linking issues connected with engineering, natural sciences and economics, the Dr. Theo Schöller Foundation Professorship for Technology and Innovation Management is a key pillar of the Faculty of Economics. As such, and by virtue of its incorporation in the TU München, it represents a unique constellation in Bavaria which benefits the entire Free State. Its central work topics include: processes and structures of innovation management, strategic technology management, market-wide deployment of innovations, external and internal acquisition of knowledge through research and development, innovative cooperations with market partners. Particular emphasis is laid on the special demands made on the networking competence of small to middle-sized companies in regional, national and international collaborations.

Sponsor: Sparkassenverband Bayern, Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung
Funding period: 2003-2008
The Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (CEFS), which was established in 2003 as part of the TU München's Faculty of Economics, focuses on research and tuition in the field of entrepreneurship and finance. The main area of research concerns the financing of young enterprises. This approach accordingly includes a detailed analysis of the phase prior to going public and the financing channels open to start-up entrepreneurs. Several research projects dealing with private equity and associated issues, for example, have already been launched.

Sponsors: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co.
Funding period: 2002-2007
There is hardly another medium that can be said to have influenced the market situation so decisively and in such a short time as the Internet. There is evidence that Internet-based business dealings are capable of speeding up procedures significantly, not only in marketing and sales, but also in development or in administrative areas. As regards contents, Internet-based business dealings cover all the technology (and technicalities) involved in performing tasks using Internet-based software systems. Another aspect dealt with in the course is the reorganisation of business processes using the possibilities offered by the Internet.

Sponsors: Honorary Senator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst Denert and sd&m AG
Funding period: 2002-2007
The TU München is investing a great deal in the full-scale upgrading of its internationally highly acclaimed Informatics Department. There was a special need for upgrading, primarily with regard to the integration of operative systems and business procedures in the Informatics Department. This requirement was met by setting up the Foundation Professorship for Software Engineering of Operative Information Systems. Together with the newly-created Department of Commercial Information Technology and the Foundation Professorship for Internet-based Business Systems, the Faculty of Informatics can now boast three department chairs on the borderline between Economics and Information Technology.

Sponsor: Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG
Funding period: 2001-2011
Thanks to its "extensive reforms and strategies for the future", the TU München's Faculty of Mathematics emerged as the winner of the "University Reform" competition organised by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft foundation in May 1999. While a resolutely implemented general reshuffle tightened the organisation structure, the recruitment of young, internationally reputed scientists added an invigorating boost. Until recently, the Department of Mathematical Statistics of the TU München upheld contemporary financial and insurance mathematics, whereas now the Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank Aktiengesellschaft München and the TU München have come to an agreement to promote the area of mathematical finance and economics at the banking centre of Munich and to join forces to bridge the gap between academic excellence and application-oriented education.

Sponsor: Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Loan Corporation, formerly Deutsche Ausgleichsbank)
Funding period: 2000-2010
The main areas of research of the "Entrepreneurial Finance" Foundation Professorship cover all aspects of raising capital, financial management and subsequent conversance with the organised capital markets, as well as the organisation and success factors crucial to financial services specialising in this business sector.