Natural Sciences

Sponsor: Werner Siemens-Stiftung
Funding period: 2016-2020

With its donation the Werner Siemens Foundation has facilitated the launch of the teaching and research domain Synthetic Biotechnology at TUM. This gives the new TUM School of Bioengineering a strong accent as an Integrative Research Center. Synthetic biotechnology integrates the methodological research approaches of biochemistry, bioinformatics, catalysis, and industrial or “white” biotechnology.  The grant, through which the Werner Siemens Foundation creates this new focus, will be used to upgrade the laboratories in Garching, fund the new chair for Synthetic Biotechnology and create an associated student/teacher laboratory to attract particularly talented students. An existing highlight is the algae laboratory on the Ludwig-Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn, which was recently opened as a worldwide novelty. It serves the technical cultivation of algae as an innovative, environmentally-friendly raw material for aircraft fuels and industrial chemicals. More

Sponsor: Süd-Chemie AG
Funding period: 2008-2013
The Süd Chemie AG, a worldwide leading special chemical company for catalysts and adsorbents, has agreed to establish an endowed professorship at the Technische Universität München (TUM). This foundation is an important contribution to the new research center “White Biotechnology” of the TUM. The new professorship is focussed on developing bio-catalytic conversion for regenerative energy sources and chemicals based on reneweable raw materials, another focal point of the TUM.

Sponsor: Wacker Chemie AG
Funding period: 2007-201
As one of the world's largest manufacturers of pure silicium and silicone, Wacker Chemie AG has endowed an "Institute for Silicium Chemistry“ at the TU München Faculty of Chemistry. Besides supporting fundamental research in silicon chemistry, the Institute will also ensure a rapid transfer of knowledge between research and industry. The WACKER Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry is in charge of the project. The main area of research will target the field of organofunctional silicium compounds and silicones with their partially unresolved structural interaction. The main focus will be on interdisciplinary research projects on the boundaries to physics, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, environmental chemistry and materials sciences.