Dear Friends and Sponsors of TUM,

The Technical University of Munich is a global hub promoting knowledge sharing in a creative and exciting space. It brings together representatives from science and academia, industry, politics and society – providing a platform for engagement, inspiration, new challenges, further training and collaboration. This collaborative approach to innovation – transcending disciplinary, institutional and mindset boundaries – is the only way to overcome the major challenges facing society today. I am referring in particular to environmental and climate change, the sustainable use of resources, energy and mobility, healthcare and food security. We need to reach beyond academic qualifications and embed a sense of responsibility and ethical awareness in the minds of up-and-coming talent as that is the only path that can lead to a healthy and peaceful future for humanity over time.

The future will bring new challenges to our university – challenges which cannot be tackled with government funding alone. They will depend on the support of individuals who themselves sowed the seed of their subsequent professional success through their studies, and who wish to now leverage their potential as donors. We need the support of foundations and entrepreneurs who – guided by a sense of responsibility – want to make an active contribution to securing the future success of this country by funding our next generation of talent.

That is why I am inviting you to become part of our community. You can help shape our future today. The engagement options are as varied as our university itself. As sponsors of TUM, you will be driving the modernization of our university while also tapping into the expertise of our university. All support – regardless of the amount – is valuable and greatly appreciated.

Warm regards

Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann
President of TUM and
Chairman of the Board of the TUM University Foundation

TUM Fundraising Code of Conduct

Please download the TUM Fundraising Code of Conduct (PDF file, 0,2 MB).